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Saturday, June 27, 2009


So Jesse's family is really big into fishing and hunting and all that outdoorsy sort of stuff, not that I'm not, I've just never caught a fish before. Well his family really couldn't believe that so Jesse and his older brother Marshall wanted to get me on a boat that didn't have a tower for wake boarding or a rope hooked onto a tube :) so we went out fishing a couple weeks ago with Jesse's older brother Marshall and his son Owen and Jesse's brother and sister Joseph and Caitlin and guess what..... I actually caught a fish!!! I was so excited until Joseph showed me how to hook my finger thru the opening on the side of the fish (don't know what its called) and put my finger out thru its mouth! SO gross!! But I had to get a picture with me and the fish and that is how I had to hold it!

So overall it was such a fun little fishing trip! I just really don't want to hold another fish like that :) We went a couple weeks ago so it was during the time when it was constantly cold and rainy but they weren't going to let a little cold stop them from taking me fishing! Thanks Palmer family for helping me catch my first fish!


Swa said...

NASTY! you are a better person than I am. Pretty sure I would never put my finger in a fish mouth. Look at your, getting all well rounded and stuff

Swa said...

oops, *look at YOU*. You guys are adorable

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