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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've done my best to catch up on my blogging. Sheesh when you get behind it sure is hard to catch up. That is why I've dedicated this post to randomness.
All the pics put into one that really I can't sit down and do a post for each different thing. And really Berklee never sits still long enough or even looks at me to get a good picture anyways so why not just put all the pics up that she looks semi okay in even if it is complete randomness.

Okay and this last one... I seriously think I did a pretty dang good job! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012


I have to hide the camera or else she will stop singing and say "I wanna see".
As you can see when she walks over to see what's on my dad's camera :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

St Geezy

St George.. how I love you!
warning... picture overload!
Me and Berklee got to go down to St. George with our good friends Maquette and Kayden. Kayden is literally Berklee's best friend.. and Maquette has quickly become one of mine! My parents had been down there the week before and my mom stayed to enjoy some time with us (aka spend time with Berklee.. who cares about the parents of the child anymore right). ;)
It was beautiful weather and we were outside all day everyday! We rode the razor, went to the splash pad, park, river and pool. Berklee quickly turned into my little fish again. She could not get enough of the water! yay!
As we were pulling into St. George we called my mom to meet us at the splash pad with some towels so the kids could just run and run and run. They did FAB on the drive down but were ready to PLAY!
This splash pad area is SO fun. There is a little man mad stream that runs through it, water falls and fountains that come out of the ground. Kid heaven! Who am I kidding.. adult heaven too.. I loved running through that water just as much as my 2 year old!:)
enjoy the trip via pictures...

I about died laughing when I saw this. So Berklee and Kayden started out like the ^about pic. The water shot up and Kayden bolted and I caught it all on camera (below pic)! Awh I love that boy! So funny!

Can't wait to go again! Who's coming with me next??

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter!

Did you get as much candy as meee???

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Play Group

Every Wednesday I know exactly where I am going to be at 10:30.
We (as in me and Berklee) have made such great friends through this group. We all had babies within months of each other and honestly we have seen them all grow up. We started this group when Berklee was about 6ish months old and she's the second to oldest. We've gained some new faces and lost some faces in our group but honestly I can say I'm going to be taking away life long friends from this group.
We had all our play group friends over to our house for cupcakes for Berklee's birthday and to enjoy Berklee's new trampoline and mega bubble machine. We had such a blast and we couldn't have ask for better weather.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 years old

Its official..
We have a 2 year old.
Where does the time go?
Her birthday was on Sunday (General Conference) so we had a nice relaxing day and that night we had family and friends come over for some dinner, cupcakes and ice cream. Last year I did an owl cupcake cake and this year (and every year to come) I think I'm going to stick with the cupcake thing. They are just so easy to make and then people can just take one instead of me sitting there cutting up a bunch of slices of cake. Berklee loved having everyone there and couldn't wait to show her cousins her present. Thank you everyone for coming!

some of my favorite things:
  • She is a chatterbox. Literally will not stop talking. Always asking where are you going? Where's dad? What are you doing? Look at this, look at that. I love you. She will say full sentences.. its just amazing!
  • along with talking she will sing sing sing. She loves popcorn popping on the apricot tree, happy birthday, abc's, tiny turtle, choo choo train, itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, I'm so glad when daddy comes home. And she knows almost all the words to all of them. She loves making up her own songs too and its pretty funny to listen to all the words she puts together to make a song.
  • She loves to count. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. She can sometimes go past but usually is done by 13.
  • Knows all her abc's and when she sings it I about die its so dang cute!
  • She is back to my little fish. Last year she just wanted to walk around the pool and throw balls into it. This year we have gone to the splash pad and swimming pool and she throws a FIT when we leave and does not get out of the water until the last second.
  • After I've done her hair she will touch it and say "thank-you mom" in the sweetest voice. Then after I've taken it out and she's sometimes in tears she will turn and say "thank-you mom". So cute!
  • Still loves her food and sleep.
  • Some favorite things she says: oh darnit, oh daisy (oopsie daisy), oh goodness, funny goose/silly goose.
  • Loves all her friends from our playgroup and gets SO excited to play with them every week.
  • Will take my phone when I'm talking to someone she knows and walk around the house talking to them (while holding the phone to her ear with her shoulder) :)
We love you Berklee girl. You bring us such joy. You are such a fun, spunky, caring and sensitive girl. Thank you for being part of our family.

weight: 32.25 lbs 95%
length: 37.5 in 100%
head cir: 19.7 in 97%

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