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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh how I've missed this game....

let me share just a few reasons of why I LOVE this game so much...

-the pain I now feel on my thighs from reaching across the pool table to reach the white ball
-the high pitch screams done by mostly the girls when they miss the ball 3 times in a row
-the shoving and cheating done (even to the pregnant one) :)
-the gathering of my family all around the pool table
-the exercise (seriously.. you wouldn't think just running around a pool table would make you sweat but it does)
-the yuuuhhhhh's that happen after getting the colored ball into a pocket
-but mostly... the laughter!

We were at my parents house this past week celebrating the January birthdays in my family (Happy Birthday Tyler and Tiff) when my mom had asked if we all wanted to play a game. Jesse then said you know what game we haven't played forever and it was the first game I played with you guys when he had met my family.... CRUD! And the game was decided just like that! My family used to play this game EVERY time we got together and honestly I think it has been a year since we've played! So, we all gathered around the table and Ty was the only one that hadn't played so we needed to explain... HA and that was a task... try having 8 people explain something to you at the same time :) we got it done though and began and let me just tell you it was as fun as I remember! :) I just hope its not another year until we play it again!


barbwinegar622 said...

I found Dad reading your blog!! CRUD was so fun and for sure it won't be another year. Cute blog!

Tiff said...

I totally agree 100% about everything you mentioned. It is so fun. Even when you get out, just watching is a blast!!

Kathryn said...

Jess I am so excited to be able to read your blog now! You guys are so cute, it was great seeing you last night. Good luck getting ready for your little baby!!!

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