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Friday, April 1, 2011


I can't even believe it.. our Berklee is one!

Berklee has brought so much joy into our house I don't know how we even lived without her before. She has such a funny personality and is seriously the happiest girl in town! We love her more and more everyday and are so grateful for her.
Her birthday was absolutely perfect! 70 degree weather, family surrounding her and an outside birthday party where she got so spoiled! (thank you family and friends)
If you can't tell already by past pictures, Berklee loves her food! So when I thought about her cupcake being put down her front of her I was a little worried she was going to pick up the whole thing and shove it in her mouth. Oh was I wrong, this girl pick up some manners on her birthday and took one crumb at a time. I finally had to push her hand in it to see if that would spark anything... but no, she just continue to pick up all the small crumbs. Funny girl! Until I wasn't looking and she shoved a huge piece in her mouth... there's my girl!

Some fun things Berklee has learned and does:

- Still looooves sleeping. Sleeps on average 12-13 hrs. at night. But is now down to one nap a day (a 3-4 hr. nap so I'm not complaining)
- Has finally gotten some teeth. 4 bottom and her left canine is out and her other canine is just about ready to poke through
- Loves giving kisses and blowing kisses
- Has learned and will tell you what a monkey says
- Love love loves books. She will bring one after another for you to read.
- Can show you where her nose is
- Is taking more and more steps everyday... I'd really appreciate if she'd learn to walk already cause I don't know if my back can take bending over to hold her hands any longer
- Knows mama and dada and I'm pretty sure when she screams MAMAMAMAMAMAMA she is meaning Grandma
- Can sign eat/food, milk, all done, baby, more and sleep
- Has some loud screams when she is excited or you're chasing her
- Learned how to go up stairs... still working on going down (this girl just turns face forward and dives off the stairs.. I have to be careful)
- Loves to try and jump jump jump
- She will mimic anything you do.. cough, laugh, sneeze, burp, clap, yell, talk on the phone, brush her hair/teeth etc.
- Gets to share her birthday with her cousin Oliver
-Love the slide at the park and has no fear
- And finally, getting a little better with the whole stranger danger thing (even though they are family members who are trying to hold her.. not strangers)

weight: 23.4 lbs 83%
length: 31.7 in 99%

Berklee is still our tall big girl and we love it! I just love spending every second with her and am seriously so grateful for Jesse and how hard he works so that that is possible for me. I can't imagine missing these little moments in my little girls life! Happy Birthday Berklee! You are our world and we love you so very much!


barbwinegar622 said...

I love you forever Berklee!

Clammy said...

I can't believe she's one!!! Happy birthday beautiful girl!

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