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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas!
I love Christmas even more with a kid! We were so lucky to be able to see both our families on Christmas but most of all we were lucky to have our own Christmas morning at home just the three of us.
I knew Berklee is still young enough to not really get Christmas so we didn't want to go overboard with presents but it is just so dang fun shopping for toys! But to be honest I think her favorite present wasn't a toy.. it was her potty! Yes, this girl is obsessed with a potty.
After church, which it was so wonderful to have Christmas land on Sunday this year so we could go to church and remember the real meaning of Christmas, we headed up to Heber to have brunch and Christmas with the Palmers. I think it was about 50 degrees in Heber... ON Christmas! It was heaven. Berklee was spoiled and got some fun things as did me and Jesse.
We let the kiddos nap and the adults played some sweet Rock Band! Boy have I missed that game.
We headed down to my parents later that night for scones and presents for the grandkids. My parents have started a tradition (this year) that we have our adult Christmas party earlier in the week (no kids) so we are able to have a nice dinner, games and presents with no interruptions. And may I just say I love this new tradition. Sadly, I have no pictures from that night but our dinner was yummy and we got a much needed game of CRUD in. Pretty sure some of us left with bruises that night! :)
Berklee loved being with her cousins on Christmas and couldn't get enough of the wrapping paper with her cousin Whitney. These kids are going to be the best of friends.
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


barbwinegar622 said...

Love love your posts!! Such fun pictures:) Love your family too!

Courtney T. said...

so stinkin cute! All the kids are getting so big!! Love you Jess!

Kami said...

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I can't believe I saw you two times in 1 month! :) Love the family photo up top. Very cute!

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