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Monday, January 9, 2012

remember when?

Do you ever look back at old pictures and old videos and just die laughing like it just happened yesterday?
Today was one of those days that I needed a good laugh and nothing better than looking at old funny videos...
Literally in all of these videos was my best friend Kimly! Boy do I miss those days of thinking up crazy things to do and just doing them for the heck of it!!
Sorry for the crazy camera but thats just what you are going to get when filming on a boat!
I'm on the left and Kimly on the right.
I still die laughing watching this because I just don't understand how hitting that wave sends me flying backwards yet Kimly doesn't move an inch.
Me and Amanda were doing back flips off the diving board so why not Kimly. As you can tell Kimly has never done a back flip before!
what not to do.
what to do.
We saw this stunt done on So You Think You Can Dance. So why not try it!! There were many many stunts done on SYTYCD that we tried I just don't think we caught a lot of them on camera!
I sit on Kimlys face so in return she lets me face plant it on the ground! I thought thats what the spotters were there to make sure didn't happen but Trissy and Tiff were a little busy trying not to pee their pants. PS this was done at a bee's game on the field waiting for the fireworks to start. We didn't care one bit what people thought of us! :)
Hope this brightens your day like it did mine.
enjoy :)


Courtney T. said...

These are hilarious... too bad we didn't capture some of our crazy moments! haha

Mitch + Roz said...

oh my word you are hilarious! We need to get together SOON! I'm going crazy by myself and Berklee is going to be five before I get to see her again! haha let's plan a lunch date, and I can practice being a mom on Berklee cause she is so darn adorable ;)

Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

hahaha, oh my gosh, hahaha. I am laughing so hard. I remember these things so clearly. And that one of you planting into kimlys face with yo boooty is HI-LARIOUS.

Tiff said...

I totally remember when! We should relive all these memories!

thejess's said...

I would love to re-live those first two videos.. but pretty sure Kimly wouldn't be able to lift my fat butt up over her head anymore! oh the days......

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