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Thursday, October 29, 2009


yep.. that's right.. its my turn!!

Jesse and I found out Aug. 5th that we are going to be expecting.. goes to show how often I update my blog.. but hey at least I'm getting to it! Anyways, I couldn't believe that I was actually prego and I made us go back to the store and get another test.. I think I took 3 before I kind of starting believing it!
By the time I had my first appointment I was already 11 weeks.. and luckily I had and have had zero sickness! I am now 18 1/2 weeks and we find out Nov. 2nd what we are having!!! It is such an amazing time in our lives and I feel so grateful to be having a great pregnancy. I didn't get the sickness part but I definitely had the tired part... I think I would come home from work and literally want to be in bed by 7! Poor Jesse had to put up with it! But now I'm feeling a lot more energized, but still wondering if it is actually real. I'm starting to get a little baby bump (pics on the way) but I just keep saying well maybe when I know what we're having it will make it more real, but as my sister-in-law Ashley told me.. she kept saying that to herself and it wasn't until she was in labor did she say "oh my gosh.. I am really having a baby!" :)
Jesse and I can't wait to be parents and we definitely can't wait to find out what we are having! I will try and keep my blog a little more updated :)

*the very happy daddy to be*

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