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Thursday, October 29, 2009

basement remodel

A few months after me and Jesse got married we knew we wanted to remodel our master bathroom downstairs... so after a couple months of workers in our house we have our beautiful new bathroom. (now this isn't new news to some because we've had it done now since summer.. but I haven't put up any pics of it)

Now if you can imagine, where the shower is there used to be a wall and the old shower was in that corner where the furthest sink is and then we had a pedestal sink and then the toilet right next to it. So we knocked out the wall and made a awesome shower and a great double sink where I actually have room to put my make up on! :)

Enough room for both of us! :)

So now after hearing the news of a baby coming we got really excited to paint and fix up the room for the nursery. Once we got going on that we decided the basement was due for some new carpet... knowing that the existing carpet has been there for 6+ years it didn't take much to convince us. So we started... we got right on painting and putting up bead board in the baby room before the new carpet came. Jesse did most of the ripping up of old carpet I just took out the padding.. I did try though, I'm just weak sauce! :)

There was some pretty sweet tile under the carpet in the hallway and bedrooms

It was a lot of fun working on this project together and I'm SO happy with how it turned out. Now all we need is our baby furniture and our baby to fill the room :)

I'm kinda done with projects in the house for a while though. They are so much fun when you see the finished project but the mess during is no fun! We are so happy in our house and there really isn't much else that needs work so I think we'll be happy just doing little things here and there over the next couple years!


Wray Family said...

Congrats on the baby and I love how your bathroom and baby's room turned out!

Kami said...

Very cool. I am impressed. I like the nursery colors. I was thinking about you guys yesterday and how I thought you might know what you were having already. I had been hoping for an announcement soon. Don't wait another couple months to post about your new boy or girl. ok? :)

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