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Sunday, November 8, 2009

So you think you can dance... dance.... dance!!!!

So for my birthday back in August my mom got me tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance concert! Let me just tell you that we LOVE this show and I was so so happy to see them continuing the season right away this fall instead of waiting until next summer. I love dance and this show has some amazing dancers and choreographers that make this show so entertaining and fun to watch. This season even had a girl from Utah in it, Randy, and she made it all the way to the top 10! She was able to go on tour with a lot of the other favorite dancers like Phillip, Kayla, Janette, Brandon, Kupono, Jason and the winner of season 5, Jeanine!

Me and my mom started off the evening with going to dinner at my ALL TIME FAVORITE restaurant....

They cook the food right in front of you.. and it is AMAZING food!! mmm

*My favorite routine of season 5... Kupono and Kayla - Addiction*

*Brandon and Jeanine - Battlefield*

So for those of you who watch the show you probably remember that awful dance Jeanine and Phillip did together, the Russian folk dance, well... it was the joke of the night! Everytime they brought up dances from around the world out would run Jeanine and Phillip and they would begin their routine. The other dancers that were talking on stage at the time would always yell "STOP.. STOP.. STOP" and send them right off the stage and both Jeanine and Phillip would have the sad look on their face... so funny!

*Jason and Kayla - Zombie*

*Top 3 girls*

Well after coming out about 3 times during other people talking, Jeanine and Phillip finally got out there to dance. They began their Russian folk dance routine when out walked the rest of the top 10 in the same outfits :) They did a little of the routine when the music changed and off came the shirts on the guys and the girls skirts got ripped off with shorter skirts underneath.

It actually was a pretty cool dance.. if only Jeanine and Phillip would have had that dance instead of the one they had on the show :)

*Brandon and Jeanette*

*Jason and Jeanine - Heart dance*

*group dances*

*Phillip's solo.. so awesome*

*Jeanine and Brandon - Paso doble*

*Ade and Melissa - Breast Cancer*

*Final performance*

This concert was so much fun to go to! I hope I can go again for the season 6 dancers... so far they are amazing dancers as well! Thanks mom for the amazing birthday gift! :)

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