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Monday, October 18, 2010


We have been so lucky to go a couple great getaways in the past month!
Over conference weekend we met my family up at my aunt and uncles cabin in Oakley after I finished working on Saturday and had a blast riding 4-wheelers, talking, playing games, yummy dutch oven dinner and just being together! The girls got to go on about a 2 hour 4-wheeling ride while the boys watch the kiddos! My mom and Sarah Jane headed back while Tiff and Ash showed me where they had gone the day before.. we had so much fun wheelin and going over huge jumps ;)
And this past weekend we were able to go to St. George for a much needed longer getaway! Me, my mom and Aunt were talking a couple months ago and wanted to get tickets to Tarzan that was playing at Tuacahn and decided it was going to be a girls night out to see the show plus my brother Cade that loves anything Disney! But it worked out nice cuz we had a personal photographer to take all of our group shots! The show was AMAZING and of course the music was awesome!! I had so much fun with my mom, sister-in-laws and Aunt (and Cade)! My husband seriously is thee best to let me have my me time with the girls! And of course he got his time on the green with the boys the next day! :)
Ash, Caitlin, me, monkey, Tiff, Mom, Aunt Jamie
We let Caitlin be right up and personal with Tarzan since all us girls are married :)
The rest of the weekend consisted of food, shopping and visiting! I seriously love St. George! I have grown up going there for these amazing little getaways and I hope they will always continue! Berklee did so great with the drive and the first night was the only rough one! :) St. George is the perfect distance for traveling! Can't wait to go back soon!

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Swa said...

fun to be with ya for one of those :) oh, and excuse me, but are there more pics from where Berklee's 6-month sidebar picture came from?!?!?! Cutest thing ever!

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