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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

6 months

6 months old... seriously!

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was looking at this face
And now I look at this
And can't believe she's doing this by herself
I even got her to do this
(leaning up against something of course)
We love our little Berklee so much! She has such a fun personality and overall is such a happy girl! She is learning and growing so quickly and I just can't get enough of each stage! She still loves food and pretty sure she already realizes how much better big people food is than her own.
When anyone tries to guess her age they always say 9 months! Yes she is wearing 9 month clothes but she's only 6 months! :) She has leaned out in the tummy area but she just keeps growing like a weed!
18.4 lbs 89%
28.5 in 100% (off the charts)
17.9 head circumference 99%
The doctor says she is just doing so great and is doing everything a normal 6 month would do... So all you people out there that try and hold her and she starts to cry cuz she wants her mommy... that is normal! :) Stranger danger!
look at that happy girl.. not knowing what is coming :(
She got three more shots plus the flu shot and she has to go back next month for the booster flu shot! Sad day.. but mommy and daddy get to get our flu shot then too so we can go thru the pain with her. :(

Lastly I just needed to get this cute pic in of her little piggys... She always crosses her feet and I just think its the cutest thing in the world!
(plus look at those stylin shoes)


Swa said...

oh KiKi we need to squeeze you! Such a big, cute, sweet, smart girl! Shots are the pits, Whit would be the first to tell ya that

Cailey said...

Oh my heck jess she is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Love you guys:)

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