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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

kissing cousins

Berklee loves her cousin Ryder!
I mean who wouldn't love that boy.. he's hilarious and sweet as can be! He entertains her, he crawls around on the floor with her, he'll dance with her, he looks out for her. But I think one of the reasons they love each other as much as they do is because both of them love giving kisses... and they love giving kisses to each other! You ask either of them for a kiss and they are right there puckering up! Well and most the time Ryder doesn't ask Berklee for a kiss.. she just leans right in and gives it to him!
All I can do is laugh when they do it because Ryder has at least learned how to close his mouth when he gives kisses but not Berklee.. she still has the wide open tongue sticking out kiss going and it is just hilarious!!!
We love you Ry-deery! Thanks for puttin up with a bit of tongue!

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