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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

home sweet home

look who's back... can it already be 2 years!?

Elder Winegar is home from Sweden!! My whole family is back together and it is wonderful!
Jamon came home to 4 new nieces and nephews... speaking of nieces and nephews... look who gave their mommy, Tiffany, the best mothers day present of all...

Welcome Home Crew and Tessa

Have you seen cuter 5 month olds????
I don't think so!

I'm pretty sure Crew and Tessa had this coming home on Mothers Day planned from the beginning! These two little munchkins have done wonderfully and are home safe and sound! All are adjusting to being home beautifully! You couldn't ask for better parents to take care of these little miracles!
Last I heard Crew is over 8 pounds and Tessa over 7!!!
They truly are little miracles and have come so far... looking back at that first post I can't even believe what they've (and Cade&Tiff) had to go thru! They are all fighters!
I love them so so so so sooo much and am grateful everyday that I get to call them my niece and nephew!!!!!!!!!


Ben + Amanda said...

yay!! two awesome events!
Welcome home twins :)

Amber said...

Soo jealous you little bro is home!!! My brother still has 7 months! :(
I am so so happy cute Tessa and Crew finally got to go home! Congrats to that cute family!

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