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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

14 months

Our little Berklee is 14 months old!
She is learning and growing everyday and it is so fun as a parent to see the things she picks up on and mimics!

- She's now (and has been) officially walking all by herself for about a month now and can I just tell you I LOVE IT! She is the cutest little walker I have ever seen!! I call her our little puppy cause she will just follow us everywhere around the house!
- She absolutely loves her animals sounds. She will tell you what a puppy, kitty, monkey, pig, horse, lion, bear, snake, sheep and bird say. SO cute!
- She also is learning more and more signs.. she now knows outside, shoes, hat, wind and rain.
- She loves showing you where her hair, nose, eyes, toes, fingers, teeth and belly button are.
- She loves when Grandpa Winegar chases her with his loud growl noises as she runs back and forth between two people like they are her safety!
- She loves waving hi to strangers at the mall and loves waving bye bye to anyone or anything we are saying bye to. Every morning (or after nap) we pick her up and have her throw her binky back into bed telling it we will be back when its nap (or night) time and she always waves bye bye to her binky! haha
- She will say a few teeny tiny words. She loves to say TAAA DAAAAA!! Learned that one very quickly due to the fact I would say it every time she would stand up and start walking.
-She loves trying to say all done which turns into sounding like AAA DAAAA! The done is dragged out for a while.
- She of course knows UH OH! Which is used a lot cause she thinks its the funniest thing to drop something and for mom or dad to pick it up for her.
- One of my new favorites is Grandma and Grandpa... Both are more like AA MA and AA PA! But she makes sure to have the two distinct words cause she hears us say Grand(pause)Ma and Grand(pause)Pa!
- She also loves teasing people.. hmmm where did she get that from??? She loves to make them think she's going to share her food/toys but then right when they go to get it from her she pulls it in so fast and close to her with a HUGE grin on her face!
- She loves making silly faces on windows and doors.. and people on the other side loves seeing her silly faces!

Boy do we love this little spunky girl! She has such a fun easy going personality! We were really so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter! Lets just hope all our kids are like this (and no that's not an announcement) :)

These photos were her 1 year old pics.. its just taken me a while to get them up! :)

Some cute videos I couldn't pass up putting up here

Lots of laughs with daddy...

Learning to walk...


Mitch + Roz said...

Oh my gosh she is the cutest little thing.. I'm excited to see you guys on Monday!

Clammy said...

I love all that you are writing down all these cute things that she is doing!

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