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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear Lake

Bear Lake has a special place in my heart now, seeing as it was the reason I met Jesse.
My family had our family vacation this year up in Bear Lake and I couldn't of been happier about it! The water is so blue, so warm and SO much fun! I was sore for days after because of a little game me and my SIL's made up on the wave runners.. "Hold on for dear life" is what we should call it!

Berklee loved the water! The first night we just wanted to go down and throw some rocks into the lake.. oh no, Berklee walked right in!

Fun in the sun, sand and water!
She probably sat there for a good 5 min. trying to get every grain of sand out of her toes... saying over and over again "uh oh", "uh oh", "uh oh"!

We hit up the park at night and got the energy that was left in our kids out for the night. Boy do kids love slides and swings! :)

And while the girls and Grandma and Grandpa were with the kids at the slides our hubby's were deep in conversation with one another.. hahaha what girls right?

We had such a fabulous weekend!! Thank you to my parents for making it all happen! We definitely took away many many memories and I'm sure we all gain a few pounds from the many raspberry shakes we HAD to go get in our Mazerati.


{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

She seriously is the cutest little thing. What a doll!

{Trulie Scrumptious} said...

Oops sorry this is rozalynn

Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

Jess! Wish I was there one week earlier! Miss you cute girl. Your baby is a doll. Love that instagram of her on the side :) Hopefully we can get together soon. love ya.

Clammy said...

Berklee is such a cutie! That is exactly how Acadia is with sand.
Your pics make me want to take a trip there.

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