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Monday, August 22, 2011


thanks (shanks)
please (pease)
uh oh.. pronounced perfectly!
up up up up (help)
up (up) haha
swing (shhing)
choo choo
my most favorite favorite word... NUTS!
After she drops something or she can't do something quite the way she wants to.. AWH NUTS!
(goes to show kids will repeat all that you say)

Oh how I love these baby words. Berklee is such a jibber jabber. I love listening to her in the car talking to herself and when she wakes up from naps or nighttime.. its like she has an imaginary friend there talking to her the way she will say something and then burst into laughter! I feel like I'm beginning to try to understand her lingo but sometimes all I can do is stare at her and laugh because I have no idea what just came out of her mouth and she looks as though I'm the crazy one that can't tell what she's saying. She is so polite and will always ask please and then always and I mean always will say thanks when she is given something. Even by someone she doesn't know and it always takes people back when this sweet little baby will all the sudden say "shanks"! Its the cutest thing! Boy I love this girl and can't wait to hear more that will come out of her cute little mouth!


Carly said...

She is so cute I can't believe how big she is getting! love you jess you are such a great mom!

Breann and Skylar said...

Hey Jessica! Thanks for your comment on my blog, of course I remember you! Your little girl is ADORABLE! It makes me so excited for my girl to grow up.

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