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Saturday, September 3, 2011

boys weekend = girl time

My family has decided to take turns having a boys weekend and a girls weekend. Us girls decided to let the boys go first! :) awh how nice are we!

My brother Cade sent all the boys an itinerary of what there weekend was going to look like. Literally I think a 5 page text. I wish I would have saved it and been able to remember it. Pretty much every second of every day was planned out.. I don't think they even got to every plan because there wasn't enough time. Here's their trip via picture.

shootin guns (I think they did this everyday)
36 holes in golf. (They wish they could have done this every second)
And of course.. church! Look at all those tired eyes!

They all stayed up way to late watching movies.
Played golf as much as possible.
Ate out EVERY meal. (on the itinerary but didn't exactly happen)
Went to movies.
Argued about EVERYTHING.
Teased Jesse.
And laughed lots!

and what did us girls do....

Stayed up WAY to late crafting and watching amazing girl movies!

I love my family!

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