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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bachelor

I love watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette!
But I have never ever felt more embarrassed for someone in my life than I did for this girl last night!
Honestly I was having a panic attack for her, my heart was racing and I was laughing so hard!! Jesse didn't know what was happening to me! Even watching this clip over I start feeling my heart race and I cover my face cuz I can't even stand to watch it!
Who plans how your lips are going to go when you kiss???
soooo embarassing!

But let me be honest.. I guess its kind of embarrassing that I just admitted to watching those shows!!! :)
Oh well.. I love the drama!


Carly Knibbe said...

HAHA oh my gosh can I tell you how happy this post made me!! Seriously almost the exact same thing happened with judd and me. I was freaking out and laughing so hard and he was like what the crap are you freaking out about. I explained to him what happened and later that night he went to give me a kiss and said okay so we will start with our mouths closed and I laughed so hard. What in the world was she thinking!? I knew she was outta there after that! Ahhh gotta love this show. Miss you and love you so so so so much!

Mitch + Roz said...

Baha I love it! We need to watch this together, I think it would be a good time because Mitch doesn't enjoy my commentary haha and don't worry, I watch this every week without fail ;)

Tiff said...

Seriously though..that show is the best! It's so entertaining! I was totally embarrassed for her too!!

Janica and Dan said...

I LOVE the bachelor! I kick my husband and baby out every Monday night so I can watch it in peace.

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