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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 years + Cruisin

This year for our 3rd anniversary we were able to go on a cruise!!
My good friend, Courtney, and her hubby invited us to go with them and when we saw the date it landed right on our anniversary and we thought heck thats a good present to us!:)
It was so much fun! Cruises really are one of my favorite kind of trips. Tons to do on the boat, you get multiple places to stop and visit, tons to eat and warm weather (which we didn't get so lucky this time with but still had fun).
Our first stop was Catalina Island. I fell in love with this place. Me and Jesse were able to get off the boat pretty early to go and explore. We found this cave that we climbed up to that no joke had our names and the date was exactly a year earlier. Kinda creepy kinda cool. I just love the feel of Catalina. Tons of small little shops, the pier, the beach that was just perfect to walk on and skip rocks into the ocean. I would absolutely love to just go to Catalina for a week. Preferably in the dead of summer so the water is warmer and we don't have to wear wet suits to snorkel. One day!
Next stop. Ensenada Mexico. A lot warmer than Catalina but not enough to go jumping in the ocean :) We were able to go see the Blow Hole (which I guess there are only 3 large ones in the world.. Hawaii, Australia and Ensenada), we spent some time at the flea market and of course we had to stop at the beach.
Dinners were delish, company was fab and our server was just one of the sweetest guys! He had been working for the cruise lines for like 7 years or something and was sending all his money back to his wife and kids. What a hard worker he was and he was just so much fun!
And of course you get back to your room every night with a cool animal made up with your towels! We had such a great time and had so much fun with Courtney and Justin. Thanks for the invite friends we loved it!! :)

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