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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I've done my best to catch up on my blogging. Sheesh when you get behind it sure is hard to catch up. That is why I've dedicated this post to randomness.
All the pics put into one that really I can't sit down and do a post for each different thing. And really Berklee never sits still long enough or even looks at me to get a good picture anyways so why not just put all the pics up that she looks semi okay in even if it is complete randomness.

Okay and this last one... I seriously think I did a pretty dang good job! :)

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Kami said...

You have a 2 year old! She looks so grown up with her long hair and little bangs. Such a cute girl!...And I am impressed with your drawing! That game makes me laugh! We should get together soon!

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