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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

St Geezy

St George.. how I love you!
warning... picture overload!
Me and Berklee got to go down to St. George with our good friends Maquette and Kayden. Kayden is literally Berklee's best friend.. and Maquette has quickly become one of mine! My parents had been down there the week before and my mom stayed to enjoy some time with us (aka spend time with Berklee.. who cares about the parents of the child anymore right). ;)
It was beautiful weather and we were outside all day everyday! We rode the razor, went to the splash pad, park, river and pool. Berklee quickly turned into my little fish again. She could not get enough of the water! yay!
As we were pulling into St. George we called my mom to meet us at the splash pad with some towels so the kids could just run and run and run. They did FAB on the drive down but were ready to PLAY!
This splash pad area is SO fun. There is a little man mad stream that runs through it, water falls and fountains that come out of the ground. Kid heaven! Who am I kidding.. adult heaven too.. I loved running through that water just as much as my 2 year old!:)
enjoy the trip via pictures...

I about died laughing when I saw this. So Berklee and Kayden started out like the ^about pic. The water shot up and Kayden bolted and I caught it all on camera (below pic)! Awh I love that boy! So funny!

Can't wait to go again! Who's coming with me next??

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