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Sunday, March 21, 2010


9 days to go!!!

38 weeks and 5 days!

My appointment on Wednesday was SO exciting... 1 cm dilated, 80% effaced and -3! The only thing that had changed from the previous appointment was 50% effaced to 80% so at least something is happening! :)

Now she can officially come. Me and my mom drove down to Orem (since Jesse was at work) to pick up our car seat and stroller from Babies R Us since the one literally up the street from us was completely out.. and seeing as I'm a week and a half away we thought humm might be a good idea to have her car seat so IF she comes early we can take her home from the hospital! Well after getting it home, me and Jesse ripped it open later that night to find that one of the wheels had put a hole right through the fabric of the stroller.. bummer! So being the excited couple we are and just wanting to set up our stroller and car seat we drove back down Orem for my second time that day and exchanged it and before leaving the store we opened it to make sure everything looked okay! Setting it up was so much fun and now that we have it all set up we don't want to fold up the stroller.. we just keep it up so we can look at it.. its so cute!!!! (now all it needs is a cute little girl in there!) (sorry for not getting a real pic of it.. my battery died on my camera)

My last day of work was Thursday and it was bitter sweet... sweet because I know the day is so close to meet this little girl and bitter because I have absolutely LOVED where I work and the people I work with. My bosses seriously are the best, they took the afternoon off just to take me and the rest of the office to lunch and we were supposed to go bowling but they didn't want to put me into labor so they said they would pay for the whole office to go to a movie.. my choice! Too bad there are absolutely no good movies out but lunch was enough for me! Luckily I will always be on their sub list and I'll still get invited to all the cool office parties so I'll be able to see them... They already have me booked for 2 days in July to work :) I know most people don't love working but I really have loved working there... Its a family oriented office and not only have the doctors I work for taught me tons and tons about dentistry but they really have shown me how important family and serving others is! If anyone needs a dentist.. GO THERE! :)

So now that I'm not working and I think I've done every bit of laundry possible I just need this little girl to get here... but in the mean time if anyone is bored during the day or wants to go to lunch.. you know who to call :)


Swa said...

OH my gosh! I can't wait! I remember we were the same way as soon as we got our stroller and ANYTHING else for our baby, we just had to set it up and get it ready! I can't believe you are in the single digits already! SO much fun in store for you guys. OH, and lets do lunch and pedicures this week! It feels SOO good in the last few weeks of pregnancy. So fun.

Cailey said...

ahhh jess you look SO amazing and tiny!! I cannot wait to see the little angel!! sure love you!

Cailey said...

ahhh jess you are tiny and adorable!! i cannot wait to see the little angel!! love you!

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