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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Due Date!

alright little girl... the floating baby ticker says zero days to go!

40 weeks!!

I will have my appointment tomorrow to see if there's been any change and then I have a stress test on Thursday that they have me come in for about 25-60 min. to listen to the heart beat and check the fluid level to make sure everything is looking okay and if anything is not normal they can just send me downstairs to induce me. :) I'm not getting my hopes up though! I will however be induced FOR SURE on the 6th of April if she doesn't come on her own, but I will keep you all posted! yay for baby.. I can't wait to meet her!!!!


Carly said...

Pretty sure that is how you are supposed to look when you are um about 6 month pregnant....not DUE ANY DAY! Your so cute. Can't wait to meet her either! : )

Wray Family said...

Good luck, can't wait to see pictures!

Kami said...

Good Luck! We are so excited for you guys! :)

Kathryn said...

That is so exciting, I bet you are ready to have your cute little girl! Good luck with everything!!

Candice & Brent said...

what!! seriously.. 40 weeks.. No freaking way.. you look awesome.. I am probably bigger then you and Im only 22 weeks!! Oh my.. I wonder what I would look like if i Just had one baby.. man. Im so excited for you!! good luck!

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