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Friday, April 30, 2010


We got Berklee's newborn pics back yesterday and I am obsessed with every one of them! I couldn't be happier with them.. so sorry about the picture overload but I love my daughter and want to show her off :)

Jesse saw this hat when we were shopping one time and loved it so I bought it for christmas and wrapped it up just for him. We were so excited to get pics done with this hat!

My baby is going to be a month old tomorrow!!! Time has seriously flown by.. I have loved loved loved being a mom it is the best!! (it helps that I have a wonderful daughter... she already does so well sleeping for us at night.... well me since I'm really the one getting up and feeding her ;) but I'm so grateful for such a great baby.. she is so much fun and is already trying so hard to hold up her head.. she thinks she's older than she really is :) Hope you enjoy the pics.. again sorry for the picture overload! :)


Kathryn said...

Jess she is so adorable!! I love these pictures!

Swa said...

LOVE them! Whitney saw these with me and signed sleep for all the sleeping pics, said "halloooo balloy" (hello berklee) and did the "pound it" thing at the pic of the 3 of you. I can't believe shes 1 month today! i love her cute little peely, soft, perfect, newborn skin and fuzzys. Such a sweet girl!

Cailey said...

jess she is to DIE for!!! please bring here to see us! love you! you look amazing by the way!

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