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Friday, April 9, 2010


Berklee Palmer
7 pounds 9 onces
21 inches long

the nurse totally thought I was going to have this tiny tiny baby because I just wasn't as big as some 40 week moms were.. but Berklee proved her wrong! :)

cute little dry feet

her going home outfit

not sure where she got her blonde hair

always wanting to look around

can you believe those big pouty lips!!??!! sooo coot!!!!

We couldn't be happier to have our little girl here with us! Everything went so amazing with the labor and delivery. It started out when I went to my doctor appt. at 2, March 31 (1 day after my due date), and she stripped my membranes once again (fun stuff) and by 5 I was started to feel uncomfortable. The night went on and I would have contractions over and over some ranging between 4-5 min. some ranging 10-12 min. so I knew not to go to the hospital yet cuz all they'd do is send me home. So I just walked around tried to get comfy and by 10ish I just told Jesse to go to bed. Well by 12 I had had enough! They started getting more regular and ranging closer to the 4-5 min. apart but they weren't really that unbearable yet they just got annoying! So at 12 I woke Jesse up and said lets go I've had it. We got in the car and go to the hospital and they got me all hooked up about 1 a.m. on April 1st and told me to start walking. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to dilate to a 3 (I was a 2 at my doctors appt just the day before) and that last 45 min. was thee worst of it all. They came in to tell me that if I didn't dilate then the doctor would just send me home.. send me home.. are you kidding me! I had my breathing under control until I heard those words come out of my nurses mouth then I lost it. Luckily both the nurse and Jesse were able to calm me because with me freaking out I wasn't going to let my body relax and dilate. So at about 3:30ish I was finally dilated to a 3 (deep down I wonder if I was a true 3 or if the nurse just knew I could not and would not leave :) either way I was staying). I got my epidural and it was heaven after that :) Me and Jesse both got lots and lots of sleep and Berklee was born at 4:48 p.m. with only 12-14 min. of pushing!!! So it was a pretty long wait.. but totally worth it and the worst part was just hearing that I might have to go home, so I'd say I had a pretty good labor and delivery! Berklee is so aware already and responds to me and Jesse's voices and its the best feeling!... honestly, she is the best baby! We have been blessed to get 3-4 hours of sleep at night between her feedings and its awesome!.. She's a good sleeper, eater and pooper! :) all the things you hope your baby is good at! I can't wait to see how she is going to change and what her personality is going to be like! I just love her so so much!


Amber said...

Soo CUTE!! I need to come see her when you are up for visitors. Congratulations, she is a beautiful baby!

coltandmarthamodawell said...

She is so beautiful! Those Lips wow so coot! I am so happy for you guys! CONGRATS

Wray Family said...

She is beautiful! I was born on April Fools too, it is such a fun birthday! Congrats, being a mom is the best =)

Ben + Amanda said...

jessica! She is a little dream! Congrats to the both of you! I will have to come see her asap! love you.

Kami said...

Congrats guys! Can't wait to meet her. :)

Andrew and Maren said...

she is so adorable!! her lips are so cute! congrats to you jess! keep posting pictures!!!

Shantaye said...

Congrats she's so beautiful! I'm glad everything went well and that things are going good with the baby!

Carly said...

I am in LOVE with her! Can't wait to hold her and give those little cheeks some kisses. Congratulations.

Karyn said...

I followed the link on my sister Martha's blog... I didn't know you had a little girl. CONGRATS!

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