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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mommies Day

my first real mothers day!

We had fun spending time with our families on mothers day! Jesse started out the day giving me the cutest watch ever and spoiling and taking care of me all day (not that he doesn't do that every other day) We got to talk to my little brother who is serving his mission in Sweden and hits his year mark on Thursday.. crazy!! We then got to hang out with my family eating, talking and playing with the babies! My mom had gotten all the girls little gifts for mothers day and I just love mine. We had seen this at a boutique we went to and I remember my mom saying we should get this done but I totally forgot about it and so it was such a surprise when I opened my gift.
I can't wait to hang it up in her room!

Me and Jesse made sure to bring our stroller up so we could go take a walk along the boulevard, it was such great weather and we had a great time! We then got to meet Jesse's family, aunt, uncle and cousins over at Jesse's grandparents and spend time talking and eating yummy angel food cake with them! We had such a fun time spending time with our families and we just love having both our families live so close so we can see them so often!

I am so grateful for both my moms! They do so much for me, especially after Berklee was born and I had such a rough week after with my spinal headache. I am so grateful for Jesse's mom teaching him all that she has and showing such open arms to me. She is so great with all her kids and really so great with her grandkids. And for my mom.. I can't even put into words how amazing she is! She is always willing to help anyone and always puts others before herself. She was here everyday after Berklee was born because I honestly couldn't even sit up without shooting pain in my head, neck and back. I don't know what I, or Berklee, would have done without her! She is such a great example to me and I hope I can be as great a mom as she is!

Happy Mothers Day Moms!!!

And here's just a cute picture of Berklee... could she be anymore relaxed! She definitely is her mother's daughter when is comes to sleeping.. this girl loves to sleep! She gave us 6 hours of sleep last night! Woke up to eat at 5:30 and was back asleep for another 3 1/2 hours! (and she's only 5 weeks old) good good girl! :)

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