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Thursday, May 13, 2010

1 down 1 to go...

my little brother has been out on his mission exactly
one year!

I am so proud of my little chubbs... we got to talk to him on Mothers Day and he just has the best attitude. He loves the work so much and has fallen in love with the people and with Sweden! He has been such an example to me my whole life. We were lucky enough to be the only children able to go with my parents on their mission... and I didn't last the whole time but Jamon was there the full three years and honestly nothing could have prepared him more for his mission than that experience! He has always had a desire to go on a mission and I am so grateful for his service!

We love you Elder Chubbs!

(my brothers Tyler, Cade, Jake, Chase and Jamon)
I am the luckiest girl on earth.. I have the best brothers a girl could ask for!

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a-hyde said...

Glad you found my blog.... congrats on your cute daughter! crazy, weren't we just in high school.. and now we're poppin out kiddos!!
Hope youre doing well.

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