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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

If I had to pick a favorite holiday I would pick...
4th of July!
I love the bbq's
I love the family gathering
I love summer
I love swimming
but mostly... I LOVE FIREWORKS!!
If you know me well I've probably told you this before but I would love fireworks at my funeral. Not to talk about death or anything but instead of sadness at my funeral how awesome would it be to celebrate my life and have a big firework show! :) anyways.....
4th of July! What an amazing holiday, not only does it have fireworks but its the celebration of our Independence and freedom! I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful country! And I am so grateful for my husband who serves in the military and his dedication and service he gives to this country!

This year we went up cottonwood canyon with Jesse's family to have breakfast and see the parade... it was so much fun for everyone but especially the little kids and I can't wait til Berklee can join in with the parade!

Then we got to head up to my parents for a fun bbq, swimming and fireworks at eaglewood golf course. Jesse's family was able to come join in on the fun and we had a blast swimming, eating and talking! This year was my very first year not going up to eaglewood to see the fireworks, instead we hung back at my parents and got up on the roof and watched the fireworks from there. Lets just say 2 min. into the firework show I was bummed I didn't go up to the golf course! Part of the fun is hearing those loud fireworks and laying right underneath them and seeing them light up the whole sky. I plan to go up there next year and hopefully Berklee gets my love for fireworks!

happy 4th of July!

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Shantaye said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I can't believe how big your little girl is getting. She's so cute!!

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