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Friday, July 30, 2010

Name that sound..???

I don't know if anyone watches Funniest Home Videos anymore but they have this segment on there called name that sound, and the people listen to the sound first and try and guess what is making the noise. Well I think we should send this video in because we've gotten told Berklee sounds like all sorts of things... raptors, birds etc..
What do you think she sounds like??
(sorry for the fussiness too... I always seem to get my camera out a little to late and she starts to get fussy when the whole time before she is so happy!)

Also... look who's laughin now!
About a week or so ago Jesse got Berklee laughing... it was and is SO dang cute!!!

We are having so much fun with our little girl! She just keeps growing and growing! We have loved being parents and can't wait to keep watching Berklee grow and our other children (when they come.. and no that is not an announcement)
Some things Berklee loves:
growing (I have no control over that and its sad)
rolling (already! I know.. just after her 3 month birthday she rolled over for her first time)
smiling (lovin every smile I get)
swimming (this girl is a water baby! She just squeals and kicks constantly and guess what... I even dunked her under the water... so COOT I need to get a pic of it)
standing up (you try and sit her on her lap and she pushes her legs into you until you stand her back up)
her fingers (they are CONSTANTLY in her mouth.. we think she is in the beginning stages of teething)
her voice (as you can tell by the first video.. she LOVES to hear herself)
laughing (mostly for her daddy.. she has laughed a couple time with me but she mostly just laughs with Jesse)
her jumper (maybe I wouldn't say she loves loves it but its nice for my arms to get a break from holding her up constantly)
and of course
her mommy and daddy
I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of right now!

love this girl!

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Lopez Love said...

haha well she does sound much like a raptor to me too...but she is so so cute Jess! How fun it must be to watch your little girl grow! Soo adorable.

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