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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tummy Time

This girl has started getting lots and lots of tummy time just because she loves her new trick... rolling over! As soon as she's on the ground she is on her tummy but just as quickly as she's on her tummy she's just as quickly upset because then she can't do anything.. so, very rarely do I catch these faces while she's on tummy time :)
(she does seem to kick and kick tons trying to figure out how to get places when she is on her tummy... but I don't want to think of my baby crawling already) :(
And I just need to add this cute pic of Jesse and Berklee. Last week I had a soccer game at 9:25 (right at Berklee's last feeding time) and its my own fault but we haven't given her a bottle consistently since I stopped working saturdays back in May... anyways, long story short my sister in law comes to the side and yells into me that Berklee is screaming and nothing is calming her down! There was 2 min. left in the game and let me just say it was the longest 2 min. I ran off the field and raced up to my parents where Jesse just decided to stay instead of trying to come to my soccer game. Jesse then explained that she wanted NOTHING to do with the bottle and then it was like she got so upset about that and then the tiredness kicked in and so there was no consoling her. Poor daddy and baby! So, I made it my job this past week to get her to eat out of a bottle and guess what....
Jesse loved feeding her!
(much easier when she's not screaming)

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