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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4 months

I know everyone says it but time really does fly by once you have your baby. My baby is
4 months old!
17.2 lbs 98%
26.5 in 99%
17.1 head circumference 96%

I absolutely love going to the doctor because I love hearing how well Berklee is doing, what I can do better and what things I can start to do! The doctor told us if we look at the charts and look at where Berklee is then Berklee is sizing to be an average 8 month old! haha. All I can do is laugh, I love love love that Berklee is so big and healthy, I love that she is learning things that most 4 month olds don't normally learn or do, I love that she is sturdy enough in one arm and I don't have to worry about her heading bobbling everywhere, I love that she loves to eat and I don't need to worry about her weight gain or give her extra formula or anything like that, and mostly I absolutely love that she is mine!
She loves her toes, hands and voice! She loves rolling and sitting (not sitting by herself quite yet but she's getting stronger). She loves sleeping. And again, and I don't really need to tell ya cuz it shows, but she loves eating!
We can start her on some solid foods and oatmeal and I can't wait to see if she likes that stuff as much as she likes her mommy's milk.

Yes, shots are sad.. but Berklee is awesome! She cried just until I just picked her up and then she was just fine! One tough girl! :)
(look at the 17.2 lb chunky thigh.. eat it up!)


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Ben + Amanda said...


Amber said...

She is so cute! I love the picture of her grabbing her toes, those little rolls in her arms and legs are soo dang cute!

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