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Monday, September 13, 2010

all by her self...

Is it just me or does Berklee do everything a month or so before most babies...
She is already sitting by herself and she's only 5 months old!
I've even just decided to bag the car seat and put her up front with me!! :)
juuuuuust kidding!! well sorta... I hadn't pulled my car all the way into the garage (we have a detached garage) and so I wanted to go move it in before Jesse got home so he could pull in. Now did you really want me to put Berklee into her car seat for a 2 second drive?? and don't worry I had my hand on her the whole drive!! I don't think anyone can really say much about this cuz I remember driving home from church on my dad's lap!!!

She's not standing by herself just yet at least ;) but all she wants you to do all day long is help her stand.
Me and my mom had walked outside by their pool and Berklee was like diving for the pool! So we had to take her pants off and at least dip her feet in. She is such a water baby! :)


AndeeandDrew said...

look at those chubber legs! so cute!

Benji and Anne King said...

That does seem early to be sitting up, but what can you say--she must be a smart little lady! This is Anne, I totally remember you jessica. I'm glad you checked out our blog and commented, cause I have to confess that I have been blog stocking you too. :) Ever since I heard you were having a baby just a little before us, I wanted to see your cute little family. Berklee is beautiful and it's so good to see you guys are doing so well and are so happy!

Candice & Brent said...

She is such a doll!! we should get our babies together for a playdate! I love her little chubber thighs. ADORABLE..

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