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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Likes and Dislikes...

drinking out of mom and dads big cups!
(I can't get through a meal without sharing some water with her) :)

applesauce, baby food apples... pretty much just apples!
(looks like she'll be like her aunt Tiff cuz she's not lovin the apples)
Berklee loves to be snuggled up tight to go to sleep and we think we get her tight tight tight but we call her our little Houdini cuz she gets out of it by morning which isn't bad cuz she is a happy camper in the morning and I usually get to listen to about 20 min of jibber jabber from her until she is ready for me to come get her! :)
There are so many more likes that this girl has but I would take up a whole page to blog about it so I just blogged about the most recent. I can't complain about anything... Berklee eats well, sleeps well and plays great! She is so happy all the time and me and Jesse feel so blessed to have her in our lives!
We love our little KiKi!
(our niece Whitney says KiKi for Berklee so its just stuck for her nickname)


Barbara said...

Little KiKi, I love you!!

Kami said...

She is adorable! Seriously! :) It always amazed me how my girls were able to get out of their wraps at night too. So funny. I love Kiki. That is a cute nickname! We need to get down to see everyone soon...

Candice & Brent said...

She is soo dang cute!! i love her, and her nickname fits her perfectly!

The Tidwell Blog said...

Jess! Hey girl. I am way bummed that I missed the game! I really wanted to go! Was it way fun? That was the day that we moved. My number is 801-623-7382. give me a text so I can have yours! Thanks hon! Your little family is just adorable!

Andrew and Maren said...

that is so funny about the blanket, my niece would do that, or i should s=say would try to do that. she is so cute Jess, sounds like you are having so much being a mom!

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