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Monday, September 20, 2010


No not me.. I'm not the one expecting twins (but wouldn't that be exciting)
no my brother Cade and his wife Tiffany are expecting!! We couldn't be more thrilled about it... they are expecting April 3rd but Tiff has told us that her doctor won't let her go past 38 weeks so sometime in March we'll be welcoming twins to our family! And to add to that excitement my other brother Jake and his wife Sarah Jane are expecting also! They are expecting April 8th! So come April next year my parents grandchildren will be doubling!!! I am so so excited for all of this... right around the time Berklee is one I will have 3 newborns in my life and I will be able to have my newborn fix! :)
(top pic: Tiff, Mom, Ryder, Dad, Berklee and Cade)
(bottom pic: Sarah Jane and Jake)
The day Cade and Tiff found out they were having twins the boys had planned to go golfing and the girls were getting together to watch a chick flick... well I had talk to Tiff earlier in the day and she had said she was going to lunch with her mom and sister but I could pick her up and go over to Ashleys after.. so the time was getting closer to leaving and Tiff tells me "hey I'm going to go with my mom over to my grandmas so I'll meet ya over there".. okay no big deal! So she gets over to Ashley's and I ask her "how was lunch and your grandmas?" and she says "welllll.... I actually didn't go" my first thought was well geez Tiff you didn't need to lie to me I don't care that you didn't drive over with me :) and then she proceeds to tell us that she was at the doctors and that she is expecting! Me and Ashley both just start screaming and congratulating and then Tiff says AND its twins! Me and Ashley both tear up and were so so excited for her! Tiff was just going to stay for dinner and then she was going to head up to my parents so her and Cade could tell them and right away me and Ashley were like "we're coming!" We hurried and came up with an idea to put on our babies onesies that "I'm getting 3 cousins in April" (for Tiff's twins and Sarah Jane's little one) we kept saying that my parents are going to think me or ash are preg too cuz who would really think that someone was having twins! Anyways... it was such a fun reveal even though we waited around till 10 pm for my mom to get home (which my dad was wondering the whole time what the heck is going on cuz my kids don't stay this late especially me and ash cuz we have our babies and like to put them to bed.. but we kept them up and it was so worth it)
I am so excited for Tiff and Sarah Jane! How fun to have 3 cousins just a few weeks apart! Makes me kinda want to get preg fast so my little one can play with them too! ;) yeah right!


Candice & Brent said...

holy crap Im so excited for them!

Kami said...

YAY for babies! That is so fun how you told your parents! :)

Shantaye said...

I can't believe how big your little girl is getting! I miss seeing you too! Are you working at all? I know you said you were going to sub. We should meet for lunch sometime with the kiddos!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh...twins!! That is so exciting! That will be so fun, to have all those cute little kiddos around. Tell everyone congrats.

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