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Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthdays, swimming and videos!

Happy 80th birthday to my Grandpa
Happy 75th to my Grandma!
We had a fun family party to celebrate both my grandparents birthdays! We had a bbq, swimming and yummy cake and ice cream! We sure do love our grandparents and are so grateful for them!
Love you Grandpa and Grandma Brey!
While at the party we got Berklee in her cute bug swimming suit that Grandma Winegar got her and hopped in the hot tub! Berklee is such a water baby!
cute cousins with matching suits
Also we figured out Berklee sure loves it when her Grandma make funny noises to her! She goes crazy wiggling her head around and squealing!


Carly said...

I can't get over how dang cute berklee is!! You are the cutest mom! Love you

Kami said...

I am sad we missed the party :( It sounds and looks like it was a blast. I wanted to see your baby! (and you two I suppose) lol I haven't checked your blog for awhile so I had to play catch up. She is adorable. My dad just kept telling me how happy and smiley she was being. I will have to try and come down on "swim wednesday" so I can see everyone and not feel left out. :)

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