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Monday, June 28, 2010

a week of Jackson Hole!

Jackson Hole 2010
This past week Jesse, Berklee and I were able to go up to Jackson Hole with all of Jesse's family! We stayed a Colter Bay which is just about 45 min outside of Jackson! We stayed in a little one bedroom cabin and it was so much fun! Jackson Hole is a family trip tradition with the Palmers and we go every year! The boys got to fish, the girls got to chat and the kids got to play in the cold cold lake (they didn't seem to mind that it was cold though). I love this trip so much because it is so different from my family trips.. I mean we did go camping occasionally growing up but I wasn't even much of a camper or fisher or anything like that before I met and became a Palmer, so it is nice to have the different traditions from different families! This year was much much different than last year due to our recent bundle of joy. We weren't able to do as much but it actually was very relaxing being able to just hang out rather than running place after place! Berklee did awesome the first night and then it was all downhill from there, but I think if we were at home we could have let her fuss in bed and go back to sleep but seeing as we were in the same room as her we couldn't stand it so we had to get up at 3 AM most nights :) but she sure was one happy camper at 3 in the morning chatting away and squealing! Hard to be mad at that girl when she is so dang cute! But other than the nights she was a trooper... getting put in her car seat constantly I thought it was going to be much worse. I'm glad we are getting her use to little trips here and there cause Jesse and I always need a little get away.
Caitlin and Joseph are working as river guides this year so we were able to meet up with them in town and grab some ice cream and see them! They will be gone until the middle of August :(

The boys loved playing in the lake! It was seriously freezing and the older boys minded much more the the little boys! Little Henry screamed when his dad was taking him out cause he loved it so much but man was he shaking when he got out! :)

Our campsite had the most beautiful view!
Pretty much this is how these boys dressed the whole trip! :)
lovin the fishin
Love this girl!
So I got out of the shower and found this... now where am I suppose to sleep!!

After the long long drive we were about 20 min away from home and I look back to see the cutest thing ever! Berklee slept the whole way up to Jackson and the whole way back but I can't get enough of this girl.. even when she is sleeping she does the cutest things!
Don't you just want to kiss those big chunky cheeks and big big lips!
And after we got home we got her in her bath (we did give her a bath in Jackson don't worry, it was just in a tiny sink so it wasn't her usual) and she was so excited to have her bath back and be able to kick and splash and talk! What a happy girl we have!!
It was such a fun trip and I cannot wait to go back next year and hopefully Berklee will be walking and will enjoy it a little more (and sleep a little better.. cross your fingers). Thanks mom and dad Palmer for the amazing week! We love you!

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Carly said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe how big she is getting! I swear she is huge now. And seriously I want to kiss those cheeks & big lips! I think she needs to have aunt carly babysit her sometime : )

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