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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

you mean like on vaca?.... road trip!!

Family Trip 2010

We were able to go on our first family road trip. We went down to St. George for the weekend and it was so much fun. Beautiful weather, good company and yummy bbqing! Jesse's younger brother and sister were able to come with us and it was so much fun hanging out with them, playing phase ten, bbqing/smores and swimming.

The first day we tried to go on a hike up in Zion but Berklee was not having it. I thought for sure she'd fall to sleep right when we started hiking but I didn't think about the bus ride up to the hike. It was so windy and loud and she just screamed! So we made it to the museum up the road, went inside, I wrapped her up tight and she went right to sleep (she was just so tired from screaming... so sad :( I didn't want to try and put her back in her carrier so we went back down and went to a imax movie (Sea Rex.. don't see it if you were wondering if you should or not). So pretty traumatic first day and we joked with Caitlin and Joseph just saying "aren't you glad you decided to come with us on this vacation".

before the screaming started... she looked so coot in her hat!

Next day we were able to meet up with my sister in law Tiff and some of her family to go swimming at their place. I was so excited to see if Berklee liked swimming or not and guess what???..... she loved it! I think it reminds her of her bath and she loves that so she was happy as can be when we got her in the water! And man alive did her cute little chubby self look cute in her swim suit or what!

love those chunky legs and arms!
Sunday we were able to take a long drive back up to Zion and go through the tunnels, which was my first time. Really my very first time going past the imax movie place and really up up into Zion and it is just beautiful! We had fun just talking with each other and looking at what a beautiful world we live in.

And lastly, Monday! What a relaxing day. Woke up when we wanted, (well me and Jesse woke up when Berklee wanted) cleaned up the house, watched some Cake Boss as the laundry was drying and then got on the road! It really was a great weekend! I can't wait to go again and hopefully next time we'll be able to go on a hike! :)

And luckily only one blow out the whole trip! :)
and daddy got to clean it up... hehe

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Mike and Chelsi said...

How cute is your little girl I just love her!! And ya vacationing is never the same after u have a new addition ha ha but it's just that much more fun and many more surprises!! Glad u guys got to get away and enjoy a long weekend :)

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