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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is a little late... but better late than never I guess!
Berklee is 7 months old!
I have absolutely enjoy every second with this girl.

I love seeing her smiling face every morning.
I love seeing her grow.
I love watching her learn new things.
I love watching her face when she's concentrating so hard on doing something.
I love watching her little hands and fingers grab things.
I love watching her try so very hard to crawl.
I love seeing her different expressions
I love watching her when her daddy walks in the door.
I love when she gives us kisses, wide open mouth and everything.
I love that she loves food.
I love that she loves her family.
I love when she sleeps.
I love her laugh.
I love her cry.
I love her.

Sometimes I wish we had a way to understand what is going on in baby's minds. Like when I watch Berklee stare at something and you can just see that the wheels are turning inside but I just wonder what exactly she is thinking. I just hope that she knows how much me and Jesse love her. Every night when I put her to bed I look at her and wonder what I ever did without her. I am so grateful for my little family and am so so grateful for how hard Jesse works for our family so that I am able to stay home with my little girl.

Some fun things Berklee has learned and done over the past month:
-Learned to give kisses (I still need to get a pic of this)
-says da da da da da
-turns round and round and round on her tummy
-still rolls around constantly
-will be sitting and wants to get to her tummy so she just face plants it (with no tears usually)
-loves visiting the cute baby in the mirror and giving her kisses
-still loves her very loud high pitched voice
-she's learned to fall asleep without getting rocked to sleep (hallelujah)
-learned that she is getting a boy and a girl cousin from her Aunt Tiff and Uncle Cade
-learned to do funny noises.. I don't know exactly how to put them in words cuz they're not words so you'll just have to watch the video :)
It takes about a minute into it before she does her trick :)
Not the best video but you'll be able to hear a little of Berklee saying da da da da with a little bit of come get me screams! :)

Visiting the very cute baby in the mirror
Cade and Tiff cutting into the cakes to find that its a boy and a girl!


Candice & Brent said...

Berklee is getting so big! she is so beautiful! I am excited for tiff and cade, even though I don't know them.. I am still Way excited for them! boy and girl twins is the way to go;)

Swa said...

What cute videos! I love when she notices the camera and comes at ya with the hugest smile. We need her!

Amber said...

I love her little laugh and those screams...way high pitched. So CUTE!

Zach and Shawn said...

Hey of course I remember you! Yeah our babies our a day a part thats pretty funny! But she is adorable I am glad you found my blog!

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