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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

afraid of the dark

Just a little fact about me:
I am so scared of the dark!
Ya know how most girls have the fear of spiders or heights or something like that.. yeah mine is the dark! And not just the when your little scared of the dark. I truly hate it! I get that wrenching feeling in my stomach, my heart starts to race and I start to get all hot! ew just thinking about it... ugh! I hate being outside in the dark I hate being inside.. no good can come from darkness!!!

Jesse left early, like in the middle of the night early, tuesday for his deer hunt. It probably took me an hour to go back to bed after he left and last night it took me til 1 in the morning to actually want to go down to bed, and even after I did I go to bed I slept with my lamp on, and the hall light on with my sheets pulled up far enough to cover my ears!! (not that it really made me not hear the noises) Every little sound would just freak me out! Now Jesse knows I have this fear because even when he's here I wake him up so he can listen to a sound with me and tell me if its someone in the house! I know what am I 10? I have been scared of the dark forever... but he still leaves me! :(
When I was single I would fall asleep to a movie every single night! But after getting married that was one thing I had to work on and let me tell you I am still working on it! Some nights I just wish we had a tv in our room! I love love love falling asleep to a movie or to the tv.. it drowns out all the other sounds that may happen!
anyways... I sure do hate when Jesse's gone! He makes it so much easier to sleep at night! I was very very tempted to go get Berklee last night and put her next to me in bed... but what would that have done? Woken her up (probably), and with her noises she makes at night she probably would have woken me up numerous of times in the night (making me have to listen to noises in the house trying to fall back asleep)... good thing I didn't go get her!

Wish me a better nights sleep tonight!


Carly said...

haha can I just tell you how much I hate the dark as well. When I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I have to turn on the lights and Judd gets bugged with me. I probably am not as afraid of you but I hate it! And my house is always creaking and making noise and I feel like someone is always breaking in. I told Judd when we get our own place and he leaves I am sleeping at my parents! Maybe we can have sleepovers if our husbands are gone at the same time. Then we can be freaked out together. haha Love you

coltandmarthamodawell said...

I have the same problem! I hate it so much!

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