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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

jazz, birthdays and halloween!

What a busy month October has been... I can't even believe its over
first off jazz season begins baby!!
As most of you know my family are huge fans of the Jazz! Now so far we haven't started out great but we still support and still hope for the best! :) I love our family jazz parties! We have done these for as long as I can remember...
She loved watchin the game :)
Berklee and Ryder sure do love each other! Ryder loves giving kisses and Berklee can't take her eyes off him when he's in the room!
I'm sad I didn't get a pic of the whole group... next time!!
next up.. birthday!
My dad's birthday is actually Nov. 4th but we got together for his birthday on Halloween this year so we could have most everyone there to celebrate his birthday and have our kids together in the cute costumes!
Everytime we have a birthday in the family we go around the room and everyone gets to share one thing (which usually turns into 3 or 4 or 5 things) that we love about that person! Honestly we could all go on forever about my dad! He is such an amazing dad, husband, grandpa, advice giver, provider, worker and so so so much more! I love you daddy! I'm glad we could all be here to celebrate your birthday!
Berklee (cow), Whitney (bumble bee), Ryder (shark)
I sure am grateful for families and so grateful to be close to both mine and Jesse's families! Don't know how I'd live without! :)
Friday night we attended our ward Halloween party! It was so much fun to go and meet new people and to be with friends in our ward! I didn't get many pics but this one had to be taken.. This little (big) boy is a month younger than Berklee but he sure is a chunk... I feel that if Berklee wasn't as tall as she is this is how chunky she'd be. I love it!
Saturday night was spent with Jesse's parents and younger brother and sister (Joseph and Cailtin) and we attended their ward Halloween party. We had yummy chili and Joseph was in charge of a game that we had fun playing and then we headed back to his parents and relaxed around the fire and watch the Utah Utes win! go utes! (Jesse's family are huge
BYU fans.. so it was fun for me and Berklee to see the utes win)! :)
Happy Halloween!


Barbara said...

Great post & pictures! I love family too:) And what a darling cow little Berklee made!!

Carly said...

So so fun! You guys are the cutest little family ever!

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