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Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of my many favorite shows
So You Think You Can Dance!
This is my second time seeing the SYTYCD tour! Last year my mom got me tickets for my birthday and just her and I went and so this year we thought we'd invite all the girls! Tiff and Sarah Jane hadn't ever seen the show before but we knew exactly how to get them hooked! They are going to be avid watchers now! :)
We of course started out the night by going to Tepenyaki steak house (if you haven't been there I HIGHLY recommend it) and then we raced to get to the show!
Notice anyone missing from the first picture to the second????
Don't ask me how you don't notice that Tiff was in our group she was sitting RIGHT next to Ashley! Weird waitress lady.. but don't worry we had the lady at our table take another!!!

So we show up to our 12TH ROW seats to find that someone is already sitting in them and they proceed to tell us that they over booked a lot of seats and that we were like the 14th people to come and tell them that these were there seats! SO BUMMED! So we moved back and still had a wonderful time but still... how do your over sell tickets!!!!

The girl in this picture was the winner for this season! Yay Lauren! Loved her!!!
(me, Mom, Ash, Tiff, Sarah Jane)

Can't wait for next year girls!!!

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